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MP - Lecture 4

Amos - The politically Incorrect Farmboy

His name means __ ______ or "burden" only place in OT mentioned to carry
He carried the _______ of Israel's sins ______, ____, and ______ -Elijah and John the Baptist burdens; rugged, rusted, and rough
Background Uz= _____ King Good
The word herdsmen in verse 1 is not the ____ Hebrew word denoting a shepherd. normal
Instead of describing a vocation of merely "keeping: livestock, it denotes the idea of being a ______ _________. sheep breeder
The term ______ in chapter 7 comes from a different word still, and is the only place it is found in the Bible. herdman
Jeroboam II was still king in Israel, but Judah was under the reign of Uzziah. In fulfillment of Jonah's _______, Jeroboam was experiencing military success against Assyria despite his lack of commitment to God. prophecy
As wealth increase, an ______ class developed who built large houses and oppressed and enslaved the lower classes. upper
While this period was a time of ______ toward God, it was not characterized by irreligion toward the spiritual. irreverence
1. Herdsman from Tekoa 2. Took fruit an d wool to _____ kingdom to sell 3. Came from a poor family Northern
4. He was urged, rustic, rough, similar to his _______. 5. Like _____ and John the Baptist background; Elijah
Outline of his life a. ____ b. _____ c. _____ real, ready, right
For three, no for four ________ Proverbs 29:1 transgressions
II. The message to Israel A. Jeroboam II was the king B. Uzziah was in Judah C. Contemporary of ______ Hosea
D. Hosea emphasized the love of God in the midst of his judgment: Ams sets forth the majesty and __________ of God against sinners E. Theme - the righteousness of God righteousness
Outline of the book: 1. The approaching _________ - the heathen and Israel, 1:3-2:16 judgment
A. Punishment of the nations bordering Judah and Israel, Amos a carries the burden of judgment on these __ nations. 8
Outline: 1. Damascus -Syria - for ______ in car 2. Gaza of Philistia - slave _______ 3. _____ - treatment of their brothers and other tribes cruelty; traffic; Tyre
Outline: 4. Edom - cruelty toward ______ 5. _______- intense cruelty 6. Moab - __________ (last two from daughters of Lot) Israel; Ammon; vengeance
B. Punishment of ________ chapters __-__ Judah; 4-5
C. Punishment of ______, chapter _:_-__ 3. Descent of Israel a. __________ b. __________ c. Shameless __________ d. Contempt or ____ of the Lord Israel; 2:6-16; Injustice; Oppression; immorality; hate
C.Punishment of Israel 4. Scornful contempt of divine benefit bestowed 5. Inevitable ________ consequences
Outline: D. Each augment is by _____. E. All judgment is because the way these nations treated _____ fire; others
Created by: kek1112
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