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MP - Lecture 3


Very _____ know about him him. Son of Pethuel. little
Joel means "Jehovah is ___" God
The date of the book is ______ 830 BC
Makes him one of the ______ prophets. earliest
Occasion for the writing There was a terrible ______ plague - different views: 1. An _______ army 2. Day of the _____ 3. Literal locust ______ locust; invading; Lord; plague
Occasion for the writing A terrible drought and _____. fire
Occasion for the writing Joel wrote to ____ the people of judgment and to ____ the nation to repentance. warn; call
The message of Joel A. Doom of nations and the _____ of Jehovah God glory
The message of Joel B. The urgent call to Israel (Judah) to repent 1. Primarily to _____ (Jerusalem) 2. Promise - if Judah would repent, judgment would be upon their enemies. Judah
The message of Joel C. There would be blessing if there would be ________. repentance
The message of Joel D. The message is divided into two parts: 1. 1:2-2:17 - ___ _______ ____ 2. 2:18-3:21 - ______ _______ The prophet speaks; Jehovah speaks
The message of Joel E. The message is a world view of things to come including ______ of nations and coming of the ____ _____. Judgment; Holy Spirit
The message of Joel The major message is the ___ __ ___ ____. day of the Lord
1. The day of ____ - fall to rapture 2. The day of ______ - rapture to rapture 3. The day of the ____ - rapture to end of millennium (Also theme and the day of Jacobs trouble) 4. The day of ____ - eternity (Begin Great White Throne of Judgment. man; Christ; Lord; God
The devastation of _______ Chapter 1:1-20 locusts
The character of the devastation 1. Never had seen _________ like it before 2. Never should you _____ 3. The _____ stages of a locust and its __________. (4 empires: Assyrian, Greek, Roman, Babylonian) Anything; forget; four; destruction
The reaction to the destruction 1. ________, _________, and _______ 2. Priests take the ______. Repentance, fating, and prayer; lead
Church is the bride of _______. Christ
The _______ of the devastation. picture
II. The day of the Lord A. It begins with judgment, 2:1-32 __________ blown for ______-alarm, _______-attack, ___________-assembly Trumpets; warning, battle, announcement
B. Demands repentance, 12, 13-17 1. True __________ 2. Definition: _____, ____, and ______ 3. Elements: intellect, emotion, will repentance; rend, rip, and tear
C. Ends with _________ 1. God tear Israel down to build them ___. 2. God fights of ______. 3. God provides for Israel - __________, 22-27 - __________, 28-32 Deliverance; up; Israel; Materially and spiritually
Three view of Peter in Acts - It was fulfilled at _______. - Partial fulfillment-_______ at Pentecost and ____ at tray of the Lord - It was not fulfilled at Pentecost Pentecost; partially and part
Peter saw the events of his day as proof that God would yet completely bring to pass all that Joel had _________. prophesied
III. The doom of the ______. A. The tribulation 1. Valley of Jehoshaphat, valley of _______. 2. All nations gather to be _______. 3. Crimes mentioned, judgment given 4. Armageddon mentioned, 9-17 nation; decision; sentenced
B. The beginning _________, 18-21 1. The millennial reign of Christ during the day of the Lord 2. Christ's kingdom on this earth tribulation
Chapter 3 Plead Sentencing The ____________ of the day of the Lord The anticipation of the day of the Lord The ______ of the day of the Lord The alternative of the day of the Lord The _______ of the day of the Lord The age old blessing at the end announcement; advent; arrival
Key verse is Joel ______ Chapter 1:4 - stages of locusts 2:12-13
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