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Chapter 29 VOCAB

Golden Age -A period of great peace and wealth. -During the Golden Age, Some people really likes to have Peace. -Antonyms: Synonyms: Dark ages Wealth age
Pericles -c495–429 b.c, Athenian statesman. -A blocking of artillery and wagons compelled a halt and then Pericles came and faced her. -Antonyms: Synonyms: poor Powerful unskillful Leader
acropolis -The hill above a greek city on witch templates were built -When I went to Greece, I decided to visit the Acropolis. -Synonyms: fort mansion villa
Parthenon -The temple honoring the goddess Athena, built on the acropolis above athens. -In Greece The people went to the Parthenon To honor and celebrate with Athena. - Synonyms temple
myth -a traditional story that helps explains a cultures believes -People Would tell stories using myths, to have fun time. -Synonyms: Antonyms: non-fiction fable legend
architecture -The art of designing buildings. -People in Greece would Architecture to inspire them, or show their feelings. -Synonyms: engineering construction
sculpture -The art of creating three dimensional figures from such materials as wood, stone, and clay. -People in Greece would sculpture to create decorations. -Synonyms: cast model shape engrave chisel
Socrates -Socrates were always encouraging people to the question the things they thought they knew. -Socrates was a philosopher in ancient greece, the most well known.
Plato -The example of the socrates inspired many greek thinkers, especially his students Plato. -Plato was a philosopher in ancient greece, who was a student of Socrates, who was another great philosopher.
Panathenaic Games -The Panathenaic Games were held in a stadium. -They play sports and celebrate. -Antonyms Synonyms sitting Olympics lazy
Olympics -set of games played every four years to honor the god zeus -The olympics were games that were played every 4 years in Ancient greece but now, every where in the world. -Antonyms: Synonyms: Sitting Panathenaic Games lazy
Created by: qyang