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all voyagers throughout the age of exploration

date and fameexplorer
This Italian explorer set out to China in 1271 on the Silk Road. He wrote a book about his travels which started the age of exploration. Marco Polo
This Norse traveler was blown off course on his way to Greenland and accidentally discovered Canada in the tenth century AD. Bjarni Herjolfsson (Gunnbjorn Ulfsson)
This Norse viking was convicted of manslaughter and was exiled from Norway. He found his way to Greenland in 986. Erik the Red
This Norse Viking was the son of Erik the Red. He set off to explore different land to the south, and discovered the island of Newfoundland, Canada in circa 1000. Leif Ericsson
This Italian-born explorer sailed for Spain and sailed across the Atlantic to The Bahamas. He discovered San Salvador island in 1492. Christiforo Colombo (Christopher Columbus)
This Portuguese explorer discovered the Cape of Good Hope in present-day South Africa in 1488. Bartholomeu Dias
This Portuguese explorer sailed around Africa to India in 1497. Vasco Da Gama
This Spanish explorer was the first person to lead a voyage to circumnavigate the globe in 1519. He was shot with a poison arrow in the Philippines and died. Ferdinand Magellan
This Portuguese explorer discovered present-day Brazil and explored the Amazon Rainforest. The New World was eventually named after him. Amerigo Vespucci
This Spanish explorer set out to be a great conquistador in 1513, but failed when he was accused of treason against the king of Spain and was beheaded. He was the first European to cross Panama and discover the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Nunez de Balboa
This Spanish conquistador sailed to the New World in 1504, and conquered the Inca Empire. He then became the governor of "New Spain." Hernan Cortes
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