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Explorers and Vocab

The 12 vocab words and 17 explorers for Social Studies

Explorer / VocabInfo / Definition
Marco Polo Country: Italy Goals: bring priest and holy water to Kublai Khan, escort Mongol Princess to Persia, and oriental trade Known for: found China and wrote book "Travels of Marco Polo" Result: Successful
Christopher Columbus Country: Spain Goal: find trade route to Asia Known for: discovered and colonized Central America Result: unsuccessful because he never found route, yet was for what he did do
Bartholomeu Dias Country: Portugal Goals: increase trade with India and find trade route Known for: discovered Cape of Good Hope, sailed around the southern tip of Africa and back Result: successful for what he did do, but not because he never did what he intended to
Vasco Da Gama Country: Portugal Goal: find a way west Known for: 1st to India around the southern tip of Africa and back, and created a maritime way to the east Result: successful
Ferdinand Magellan Country: Spain Goals: new sea route to spice trade, and find a new way to the west Known for: 1st to circumnavigate the globe Result: mostly successful, but never finished the voyage with crew because he died
Amerigo Vespucci Countries: Spain and Portugal Goals: trade, get resources, fame, and wealth Known for: cartographer and namesake of America Result: unsuccessful never found what he wanted, yet is for being the namesake of America
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Country: Spain Goals: get gold and fortune Known for: 1st European to sail the pacific ocean and claimed shores for Spain, said to have also named it Result: unsuccessful never found what he intended, yet was for what he did do
Hernan Cortez Country: Spain Goals: seek riches and take over the Aztec Empire Known for: took over the Aztec Empire Result: successful
John Cabot Country: England Goals: find faster route to Asia and find the Northwest passage Know for: claimed Canada and United States Result: unsuccessful because he failed at what he originally wanted to do, yet was for what he did do
Francisco Pizarro Country: Spain Goals: get riches, be known greatly, get different spices, and conquer the Inca Empire Known for: founded Lima, Peru and abolished the Inca Empire Result: Successful
Juan Ponce de Leon Country: Spain Goals: find Fountain of Youth and new land Known for: discovered Florida and Puerto Rica Result: unsuccessful never found it, however some for what he did do
Samuel de camplain Country: France Goals: build a New France and find the Northwest Passage Known for: founded Quebec, explored and mapped much of present-day eastern Canada, and created a New France Result: both, accomplished one of his goals, but not the other
Hernando de Soto Country: Spain Goal: conquer lands for riches and wealth Known for: explored present-day Florida and southeastern United States, and explored the Mississippi River Result: unsuccessful, did not ultimately get what he wanted, yet is because what he did
Henry Hudson Countries: England and Netherlands Goals: find a western route to Asia and eastern route to China Known for: found present-day New York/New Amsterdam and rivers around it, Hudson Bay, River, and Straight Result: unsuccessful, never found, yet is also
Francisco Coronado Country: New Spain Goals: find 7 Cities of Gold and collect riches Known for: found the Grand Canyon and Colorado River, explored southwest North America, and searched for the 7 Cities of Gold Result: unsuccessful never found it, yet is also
Sir Francis Drake Country: England Goals: defeat Spanish Armada and take revenge, get gold and silver Known for: 2nd person to circumnavigate the globe, ended Spanish dominance, opened to England, claimed land in present-day Oregon Result: mostly, except for last voyage
Jacques Cartier Country: France Goals: look for Northwest Passage Known for: explored Canada and Saint Lawrence River founded Montreal, and claimed for France Result: unsuccessful never found it, yet is for what he did
mutiny an open rebellion against the proper authorities, especially by soldiers or sailors against their offense
conquistador one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico or Peru in the 16th century
caravel highly maneuverable sailing ship developed in the 15th century
circumnavigate to sail all the way around something, especially the world
scurvy a disease caused by a lack of vitamin c, shown by swollen gums and the opening of healed wounds
astrolabe an instrument to make astronomical measurements
Silk Road trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea
navigator a person who piolts a ship
Isthmus a thin piece of land that connects two larger bodies of water
expedition a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose
cartographer a person who is engaged in the production of maps (a map maker)
Northwest Passage the route people were looking for to head west to get to Asia
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