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spelling word list

aerobic taking place in the presence of oxygen
anaerobic taking place in the absence of oxygen
antigen any substance capable of eliciting an immune response or of binding with an antibody
asymptomatic without symptoms
causative its the organism that causes something
chronic one that is persistent over a long period, perhaps life
communicable capable of being transmitted from one individual to another (human to human, animal to animal, human to animal, animal to human)
contagious capable of being transmitted from one individual to another
contamination the act of contaminating especially the introduction of pathogens or infectious material into or on normally clean or sterile objects, spaces, or surfaces
exacerbation aggravation of symptoms or increase in the severity of a disease
immunity protection from diseases, especially from infectious diseases
immunoglobulin a serum that contains antibodies that can help protect an exposed person from contracting the disease
infection a disease caused by microorganisms especially those that release toxins or invade body tissues
latent one in which the symptom disappears and recur, while the disease-causing agent remains in the body
microorganism an organism so small that it can only be seen under a microscope
pathogen a microorganism that causes disease
precautions an action taken in advance to protect against danger, harm, or possible failure
quarantine isolating or separating a client, client-care unit, or facility
relapse the recurrence of a disease or symptoms after apparent recovery
remission a period in which chronic infection shows no symptoms
sanitization to inactivate or remove microorganisms from equipment or surfaces. Chemicals, heat, and ionizing radiation can be used
systemic infection that has spread to more than one region of the body
terotogenic of, relating to, or causing developmental malformations
topical pertaining to a definite surface area; local
virulence the relative power of an agent or a microorganism to cause harm or disease
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