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ryan history terms

Total war using all your resources-conscription, rationing, raising taxes, women working, factories
propaganda spreading ideas to cause damage
conscription the draft
atrocity horrible war crimes
self deterination the right of people to chose there own form of goverment
u-boat german subs
armistice an agreement to end fighting
militarism build up armies and navys for war
mobilize prepare your military for war
entente non binding agreement
zeppelin a very bad invention /large gas filled ballon
convoys a supply ship with goods and war ships surrounding it to protect them from U-boat attacks
Dardanelles vital strait connection the Black Sea and the Mediterranean sea
contraband weapons or other illegal goods
fourteen points list of terms that ended the war made by the President Wilson
November 11 1918 end of war
pacifism opposition to all wars
pandemic great loss of life
reparations payments for was damage
radicals dreamed of building a new order
League of Nations collective security although US did not support it.
Treaty of Versailles ended the war but Germany was unhappy with terms as was France for not being strict enough.
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