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Test on Chapters 1,8,9,10

Define the following words and write a sentence with the word: Antisepsis-Prevention of sepsis by preventing growth of a microorganism. First used in 400 BC, there was no concept of antisepsis infections passed from one patient to another.
Biohazardous Waste-Any waste that is harmful or potentially harmful to humans or species or environment. Availability of the hepatitis B vaccination for all employees who have contact with biohazardous waste and blood borne pathogens.
Blood Borne Pathogens - Any infectious microorganism present in the blood and/or other body fluids and tissues Availability of the hepatitis B vaccination for all employees who have contact with biohazardous waste and blood borne pathogens.
Fraud-An intentional misrepresentation. A deliberate deception intended to produce unlawful gain. Fraud is a intentional tort.
Hemolysis-Destruction of the membrane of red blood cells which diffuses into the surrounding tissues. There is a risk for hemolysis due to the small gauge of needle.
Personal Protective Equipment- Disposable gloves, lab coats, protective face gear all required by OSHA to be worn when handling body fluids. Standards mandate the use of personal protective equipment.
Centriduge-Machine used for the process of separation substances of different densities. The centrifuge spins substances at high speeds.
Syncope -A transient loss of consciousness resulting from an inadequate flow of blood to the brain. Fainting. Syncope is a common complication of blood collection.
Venipuncture-Puncture of the vein for any purpose. There are 3 commonly used methods of venipuncture collection. Syringe, butterfly or evacuated tube system.
Superficial-Pertaining to or situated near the surface. Perform a capillary puncture when the patient has very fragile or superficial veins.
Capillary puncture is also referred to as: Skin Puncture, Finger Stick or Micro-Capillary Stick
3 Agencies that certify Phlebotomist AAAHP-American Assn of Allied Health Professionals; AMT- American Medical Technologists and NPA-National Phlebotomy Association.
Lists 10 primary skills required of entry level phlebotomist. Obtaining Blood Samples; Perform Vital Signs; Point of Care Testing; Safety Standards & Standard Precautions;CPR/AED;Tube ID & Correct Sequence of Draw; EKG QA & QC; Blood Film Slides; Lab Test.
Name 3 departments of in the hospital and what the departments do. Cardiology
What does OHSA stand for and what does OHSA do. - Occupational Safety and health Administration Mandatory for every employer with 10 or more employees to maintain a workplace free of hazards.
What is the CLIA and what does it stand for. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments - Every facility in the with a clinical laboratory must obtain a certificate from the federal government. Assures that all testing done in the facility meets federal standards. Subject to routine site inspections
What is the difference of QA & QC? Quality Assurance/Quality Control QA-group of programs guarantee highest level of patient care.
What is PPE and give 3 examples Personal Protective Equipment - Gloves; gown; face mask.
True or False: "Milking" the patient's finger causes severe tissue damage and should never be performed. False - But is should be kept to a minimum as excessive milking and massage can cause interstitial fluid to dilute the specimen.
True or False: When performing a capillary puncture, the blood will flow more freely of the area to be puncture is slightly cold to the touch. False -Blood flow greatly increases when the site is warm.
Names 4 circumstances that you would do a capillary puncture over venipuncture. Collecting small amount of blood; children and infants; vein can not be located; severe burns or scar tissue over puncture sites; Pt has very fragile or superficial veins..
List the four superficial veins of the arm. Basilic, Cephalic, Median Cubital, Median
7 items that you would need to perform a veni.puncture. Tourniquet,gloves,2x2 gauze, alcohol/iodine wipes, evacuated tubes, tube adapter, multisample needle, butterfly infusion set & bandaid/tape.
Reasons for specimen rejection. Descrepancies between requisition forms and labeled tubes; Unlabeled tubes, hemolyzed, collected in wrong tube, expired tubes, quantity not sufficient, wrong time interval- (fasting glucose collected after lunch)
Essay Question: What is a hematoma and what to do if it starts to occur? Accumulation of blood at the venipuncture site. Caused by blood leaking into the tissues,painful & can cause underlying tissue damage. ID by swelling & bruising. Release tourniquet, withdraw needle immediately, apply direct pressure minimum of 5 min, do
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