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W His 1.3

Indulgence A pardon. It released a sinner from performing the penalty that a priest imposed for sins.It gave people the impression that they could buy their way into heaven
Reformation A movement for religious reform
Lutheran Luther and his followers
Protestant Member of a Christian church founded on the principles of the Reformation
Peace of Augsburg 1555 agreement declaring that the religions of each German state would be decided by its ruler
Annul To cancel or set back
Anglican Relating to the Church of England
Act by Martin Luther that started the Reformation Wrote 95 Theses, or formal statements, attacking the "pardon merchants" and posted them to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg and invited scholars to debate him
3 effects Luther's thesis had on the world Marriage problems, divorce, execution of Protestants
Why did Luther criticize the church? He spoke out against Tetzel who was selling indulgences to raise money for the rebuilding St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, and leading people to believe they could buy their way into heaven
Catholic Church's response to Luther's criticisms Pope Leopold X issued a decree threatening Luther with excommunication unless he took back his statements about the church
Why did the peasants revolt against the church? They wanted to be released form their lives as surfs, they wanted freedom
Why did the holy Roman Emperor go to war against Protestant German princes? He was determined that his subjects remain devout Catholics
How did England establish a state church apart from the Catholic Church? Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife and marry a younger women who could bear him a son, he had to change religions to do so,
What did Henry ask the Pope to do for him? Annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon because she had not bared him a son
What was the Pope's response to the favor asked by Henry VIII? He would not annul the marriage
Friar Johann Tetzel Catholic holy man who sold indulgences to raise money to built St Peter's Cathedral in Rome
Edict of Worms Imperial order by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V declaring Luther an outlaw and a heretic, no one was to give Luther food or shelter and all his books were to be burned
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