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OC Africa Review

Who traded their salt for gold? North Africans
Along what river did trade develop in West Africa? Niger
The Nok people heated rocks to create what hard metal? Iron
The area south of the Saharan Desert is known as... Sub-Saharan Africa
Extended Families often had a male leader called the ... Village Chief
With these hardy animals the Saharan Desert could be crossed in two months. Camels
Who are the North African traders who used their knowledge of the desser to lead caravans? Berbers
Iron helped the Nok create farm tools and... Weapons
This city beagan as a trading camp and became a center of culture and learning. Timbuktu
This trading item helped to preserve and flavor food. Salt
A grassland with few trees where grazing animals may live. Savannah
Aunts,Uncles,Parents,grandparents and cousins who live together in the same house are called Extended Family
The three great trading empires of West Africa are Ghana, Mali and Songhai
The process in which people exchange goods without direct contact Silent Barter
This empire reached its peak under the leadership of Tunka Manin. Ghana
This group of Muslims invaded Ghana and brought an end to their empire Almoravids
Rising from the ruins of Ghana this empire took over the trade routes of West Africa Mali
What religion spread throughout West Africa and was adopted by many West African rulers? Islam
According to Legend, this ruler of Mali was both a mighty warrior and a magician Sundiata
Under this ruler, Mali reached the peak of its wealth, power and fame. Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa pilgrimage to this city attracted the attention of the Muslim world and Europe Mecca
To encourage the spread of this religion Mansa Musa hired architects to build mosques Islam
This leader of the Songhai Empire conquered the wealthy trading city of Timbuktu Sunni Ali
This third great West African Trading Empire fell to Moroccan invaders Songhai
A spoken record of past events is known as Oral History
West African Story tellers who kept the history of their ancestors alive were called Griots
The two rulers who were most responsible for spreading Islam in Africa were Mansa Musa and Askia the Great
Created by: Oak Crest