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Unit 7 Review

Unit 7 Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Revolution SSWH9 background Topic 10

What factors led to the birth of the Renaissance in Italy? wealthy merchant class, strong cit-states, reminders of Roman glory days
Which city-state was at the center of the Renaissance? Florence
Why was Leonardo da Vinci considered a Renaissance man? He was a skilled master of many fields.
Why did the Renaissance occur much later in Northern Europe than it did in Italy? The plague delayed its spread northward.
From the study of what two cultures did humanism arise? Greece and Rome
On what type of subjects did humanists focus because of their study of classical texts? individual achievements and human potential
Why did some people push for reform of the Church? church leaders become corrupt, priest broke vows, and selling of indulgences.
What were the teachings of Martin Luther? Salvation by faith alone; Bible is sole source of religious truth; all people have equal access to God.
What was John Calvin’s major teaching? predestination
How did the Catholic Church respond to the Protestant Reformation? at first ignored calls for reform, then Council of Trent clarified church doctrine, Jesuits opened schools to teach catholic doctrine and the Inquisition punished those who taught different ideas
What was an immediate result of the Protestant Reformation? end of religious unity in Western Europe; more than a century of religious wars
What agreement was made at the Council of Trent? The church's interpretation of the Bible was final. The Bible and church traditions have equal authority.
Why did Henry VII split from the Roman Catholic Church? He wanted a divorce and the pope refused to grant it.
What role did Elizabeth I have in the English Reformation? She founded the Anglican church through compromises to satisfy both Puritans and Catholics.
What was the significance of the Act of Supremacy? This law made the monarch the head of the Church of England.
What was the first full-length book printed by Gutenberg? the Holy Bible
What were the effects of the invention of the printing press? increased availability of books, decreased cost of books, increased literacy, increased research; rapid spread of new ideas, increased challenges to old authorities
Who developed the heliocentric theory? Nicolas Copernicus
Who formulated the laws of motion and gravity? Isaac Newton
Who used the telescope to support the heliocentric theory? Galileo
Who discovered the circulation of the blood in human bodies? William Harvey
Who discovered planetary motion using observation data and mathematical formulas? Johannes Kepler
How did the scientific method change the way people viewed the world? People began to do research hand acquire data about natural occurrences rather than rely on traditional beliefs
Which two thinkers are considered the fathers of the modern scientific method? Sir Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes
How did the scientific revolution affect traditional views of philosophy, government and religion? It promoted the use of reason and experiments to discover truths and the use of democratic ideals in government, but it decreased faith in the authority of the Catholic church
Created by: rblakecchs