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Chapt 26 Study Guide

Chapter 26 Study Guide

When did Monarchy begin? 2,000 B.C.
When did Oligarchy begin? 800 B.C.
When did Tyranny begin? Mid 600s B.C.
When did Democracy begin? 500 B.C.
Who had the power to make decisions in Monarchy? What did they do? The king made the decisions. They made laws, acted as judges, conducted religious ceremonies , and they even lead the people for wars.
Who had the power to make decisions in Oligarchy? What did they do? A few wealthy men made the decisions. They hunted, they raced chariots, they had parties, and they laid on the couch and drank wine.
Who had the power to make decisions in Tyranny? What did they do? They were unlawful kings that took the throne from the previous They either helped the poor, not helped the poor or made the poor even poorer.
Who had the power to make decisions in Democracy? What did they do? All the citizens that were men and owned land could vote. They voted on every problem that the city was debating on. The solution with the most votes won.
How did Monarchy get power? They either inherited it from the past king or they were selected if there was no one else in line for the throne.
How did Oligarchy get power? They took the power from the king.
How did Tyranny get power? They defeated the aristocrats by fighting them off.
How did Democracy get power? They defeated the tyrant by forcing them to lose power.
How did Monarchy lose power? They aristocrats took the power away from them.
How did Oligarchy lose power? The tyrant defeated them with an army.
How did Tyranny lose power? They were forced to leave power by the citizens.
How did Democracy lose power? Some city-states decided that they did not like Democracy, so they went back to Monarchy.
Extra important details about Monarchy. They had a way to tweak things about the king that there “god” said. (which was not a real god)
Extra important details about Oligarchy. They started out as helpers for the king, and then they came to power by kicking them off the throne.
Extra important details about Tyranny. Some of the tyrants were nice and actually helped the people. Therefore they were not tyrants.
Extra important details about Democracy. That is how we formed our type of Democracy.
Created by: msheppard649