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Rome ch 4-5

Law of the 12 Tables Laws of ancient Rome composed in part from those of Solon, and other Greek legislators, and in part from the unwritten laws or customs of the Romans. These laws first appeared in the year of Rome 303, inscribed on ten plates of brass.
legal reforms granted to plebeians respect from the dictator
reasons for the value of Rome's contributions to law gave many laws princeples that we still use today
Tarquin Kings a line of kings in rome
senate term life
base social unit the family
triumvirate Julius Caesar, Marcus Licinius Crassus, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus
advantage ion the wars the infrantry
1st Punic war Carthage over Sicily
2nd Punic war carthage over spain
3rd Punic war to conquer and exterminate carthage.
Octavian first emperor pax romana
title given to the emperor first citizen princeps caesar
reasons for trade growth in Rome the emperor no piracy
roman architecture MOST taken from the Greeks aqueducts roads columns
stoicism indifference to pleasure or pain
Septuagint the Greek old testament
Judea Israel
reasosn for persecution of the Christians pagans were suspicious and the denied that the emperor
council of nicea a council of Christian bishops in nicea
Diocletian persecutor of Christians and emperor of rome
Constantine emperor of Rome legalized Christianity \converted to Christians
who successfully invaded Rome angels Huns Saxons Visigoths
eastern roman empire constantinople
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