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World History 1

In the beginning... Chapter 1 Senior WH

How did God create Adam? He took the dust of the Earth and breathed life into him.
How did God create Eve? Took Adam's rib and created her.
Where did Adam and Eve live after being created? Garden of Eden
What is the name of the tree in the Garden of Eden? The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
Who convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit? The serpent(Satan)
What was Adam and Eve's punishment for eating the forbidden fruit? Eve was to bear children, and Adam was to work.
Cain, Abel, Methusela, Enock, and Noah are children of who? Adam and Eve
Who committed the first ever murder in history? Cain killed his brother, Abel, out of jealousy.
Who was the oldest man to live, though he died before his father? Methusela (969 years-old)
How long was the great flood? 40 days and nights
Built an ark and collected two of every animal? Noah
Where did the ark land after the flood? Mt. Ararat (Turkey)
Shem, Ham, and Japeth are sons of who? Noah
In the Plain of Shinar where Noah's family resided? the Fertile Crescent
This city lies between two rivers on the Fertile Crescent? Mesopotamia
Name of two rivers that bordered Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates rivers
The cradle of civilization is in..? Modern day Iraq
Name of tower that people built to climb to the heavens? Tower of Babel
Name seven, modern day countries in the Plain of Shinar? Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, and Jordan
What is the name of the first civilization? Sumer or the Sumerians
The name of a huge temple with a statue on top for local God? Ziggurat
Term for when a religious leader is also the governmental leader? Theocracy
When one believes in many Gods? Polytheism
Scribes of the Sumerians invented this type of wedged writing? Cuneiform
Who were the first to use wheeled vehicles? Sumerians
Who deciphered cuneiform in 1847? Henry Rowlenson
One of the oldest works in history. Tells of a man's adventures. Epic of Gilgamesh
Name of Goddess of fertility in the Epic of Gilgamesh? Inanna
Number system's basic sets for numbers, time, and degrees? 10, 60 minutes, and 360 degrees
Leader of Akkadians? Sargon I (2300 BC)
Created a code of laws for his people? Hammurabi (Code of Hammurabi 1760 BC)
Name of Hammurabi's capital? Babylon
Who was the Hamite King of Shinar? Amraphel
Elevated chief god for the Babylonians? Marduk
Conquered Babylonia in 1600 BC Hittites
First civilization to smelt iron? Hittites
Who were the Egyptians main enemy? Hittites
Tyre in Phoenicia was known for this..? Purple dyes
Sidon in Phoenicia was known for this..? Ship building
Byblos in Phoenicia was known for this..? Book binding
What type of tree was prominent in Phoenicia? Cedar trees
Trading city that outlasted its own empire? Carthage (Tunis in modern day)
Alphabet where letters represented sounds? Phonics
Name of Abraham's wife? Sara
God asked this man to move to Canaan? Abraham
Name of Abraham's nephew who shared land with Abraham? Lot
When Abraham and his nephew divided land, which side did they both receive? Lot took Sodom while Abraham took Gomorrah
Name of Sara's maid who bore Abraham a child? Hagar
Name of Abraham and Hagar's child? Ishmael
Who started circumcision with males? Abraham
What did Lot's children do to him? Lot's two daughters raped their father... Had two sons: Moab and Ammonites.
At what age did Sara have her first child, and what was his name? 90 Isaac
God told Abraham to sacrifice his son on what mountain? Mt. Mariah
Name of Isaac's wife? Rebekah
Name of Rebekah's sons with Isaac? Jacob (mom) and Esau (dad)
Name of father who was tricked into giving his youngest son birth right of the first born? Isaac, and Jacob tricked him
Jacob ran off to this man after brother tries to kill him? Labon
Labon's daughters? Leah (eldest and ugly) Rachel (youngest and pretty)
Who was Jacob married to? Leah and Rachel
How many children did Jacob have? 12 boys and 1 girl (Dinah)
Rachel's two sons? Benjamin and Joseph
What did Joseph's 10 older brothers want to do, and which brother didn't like the idea? They wanted to and did throw him into a pit before leaving him to die. Reuben didn't want to.
Joseph goes to Egypt and works for this man... His wife tries to seduce Joseph but he refused..? Potiphar
How does Joseph get out of prison? He interprets the pharaoh's dream and becomes his right-hand man.
How does Egypt become wealthy? By storing food in preparation for a seven year famine
Where does Joseph let his family live during the famine? The land of Goshen
Was raised as an Egyptian thought he was a Hebrew? Moses
After fleeing from Egypt because he killed a man, Moses spends 40 years in the desert... What is the name of the father of the desert girls Moses protects? Jethro
Name of Moses' wife? Zipporah
Name of mountain Moses climbed to collect the Ten Commandments from God and where he viewed the Promised Land before dying? Mt. Sinai
The name of the tenth and final plague of Egypt? Death of the first born
Bread from heaven that tastes bad? Manna
The priest tribe out of all 12 tribes? Levites
Name of Moses' brother who took charge after he left? Aaron
Aaron convinced the Hebrews to worship this animal? The golden calf
The two men from the adult generation that went to the Promise Land? Caleb and Joshua
God told Joshua how to take over this town in the Promise Land? Jericho
Name of woman who hid Hebrew spies in Jericho? Rahab
Lead the Hebrews into the Promise Land (Canaan)? Joshua
Name of book that held many important historical happenings. Book of Judges
Tent used by Israelites that held the Arc of the Covenant? Tabernacle
Chest or box used to carry two stone tablets of Ten Commandments. Could not be touched or you would die. Ark of the Covenant
Samuel anointed this man as King of Israel? Saul
Who did David battle from the Philistine army? Goliath
Who becomes King of Israel after Saul? David
Name of Saul's son and David's BF? Johnathan
Name of woman who David impregnated although she wasn't his wife? Bathsheba, she was Uriah's wife
The name of the angel who was sent by God to tell David of his wrongs? Nathan
Bathsheba's second child and the next king of Israel? Solomon
What did Solomon write? Most proverbs and the book of Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon
Famous quote from wisest man, Solomon? "Fear God and remember 10 Commandments"
How many wives and concubines did Solomon have? 700 wives and 300 mistresses
Name of Solomon's two sons? Rehoboam and Jeroboam
What did Rehoboam rule? South or Kingdom of Judah (Judah and Benjamin tribes)
What did Jeroboam rule? North or Kingdom of Israel. 10 other tribes
What country took the Kingdom of Israel captive? Assyria in 8th century BC
The capital of Assyria? Nineveh
Chaldeans defeated Assyrians at this battle? Carchemish
Got things started at Babylon for Nebuchadnezzar? Nobopolassar
Who sieged Jerusalem ? He was one of the great rulers of Babylon? Nebuchadnezzar (605-562 BC)
Chaldeans would train Hebrews in work after taking over Israel... Who would interpret Nebuchadnezzar's dream for him? Daniel
Three friends of Daniel who were sent to the fiery furnace, but survived? Shadrach, Meshac, and Abednego
One of seven ancient wonders that was made to appease Amytis (Persian wife) Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Famous temple in Babylon? Temple of Marduk
After Nebuchadnezzar didn't listen to Daniel's warning, what happens? He was turned into a beast
Nebuchadnezzar's son and grandson? Nabanitis and Belshazzar
Words written in blood after Belshazzar drank from sacred cups after his father left for war? "Mene mene tekel upharsin"
Name of the Mede who took over Babylon? Darius the Mede, or Gubaru (539 BC)
Name of empire Cyrus the Great ruled Medo-Persian empire
Ruler who was very tolerant with people he conquered. Gubaru worked under this man? Cyrus the Great (559-530 BC)
First to coin money? Lydians
Divided empire into 4 regions led by governors? Darius I
Governors who ruled over regions of Persian empire? Satraps
Horsemen who traveled across empire for king of Persia? "Eyes and Ears of King"
Darius I established this for his empire? Standard weights and measure
Son of Darius (Gubaru) Xerxes I ( Persian leader during Persians vs Spartans in 300)
Once a law, you can't alter it or change it? Law of the Medes and Persians (Book of Esther)
Persian thinker who created the monotheistic idea that there was one God? Zoroaster
Zoroaster's new religion consisted of this God and Devil? Ahura Mazda vs. Ahiram (Zend-Avesta was the sacred book)
The "Dog Star" that would appear before the yearly annual flood? Sirius
When was the Old Kingdom in Egypt? 3100-2270 BC
Where was Upper Egypt? South, Memphis to Aswan
Where was Lower Egypt? North, Memphis-Delta Nile
What was Menes' capital? Memphis
Who was the ruler of the first Egyptian Dynasty? Menes
Meaning of pharaoh? Great House
Social classes of Egypt? Priests and Nobility, merchants and traders and craftsmen, slaves and free laborers
When was the Middle Kingdom? 2270-1550 BC
Civil war between these group of people and the rest of Egypt? Hyksos (good chariot warfare)
When was the New Kingdom? 1580-1085BC
Who took Egypt back from the Hyksos? Thutmose III (1501-1447 BC)
Nickname for Thutmose III? The Napoleon of Egypt
Thutmose III's capital? Thebes
Pharaoh queen unwilling to give her throne to her son? Hatshepsut (1503-1482 BC)
Ruler of Egypt who claimed that he had many military victories and battled the Hittites and had many monuments? Ramses II (1279-1213 BC)
When was the Period of Decadence? (1085-332 BC)
God of the Underworld? Osiris
Chief-Goddess, taught women duties, Goddess of fertility? Isis
God of the Dead, Jackel like image? Anubis
Part man and part falcon God of Egypt Horus
Symbol of Life? Ankh
Symbolized eternity and protection? Shen ring
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