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MP- Lecture 2


The Hideous _____ of Israel, the ___ Heart of God harlotry; Holy
Other than Calvary itself, no passage of _____ pictures the holiness of God and ____ of God in union like Hosea. Scripture; love
Hosea-Chosen to ___ What God Feels The meaning of the Hebrew is_____ (Jesus and Joshua) feel; Yeshewa(salvation)
Father - Beeri, means ____ or well of living Hosea might have been a ____ due to his illustrations of farming. He was from Israel and was a contemporary of ____ and Amos fountain; farmer; Jonah
He was tenderhearted He was called the apostle of ___ of the O.T. He was like Jeremiah in being known as a weeper. His message went____, but he never quit or failed in God's calling for his life. He was very ___ to whatever the Heavenly Father command love; unheeded; obedient
The Message of Hosea - The rise of Syrian Empire Outward _____ in Israel but inward needs Many different ___ coming and going - this meant anarchy, unrest, instability, and insecurity and compromise prosperity; kings
The Theme - 1. The tender loving___ offers one ___ chance of restoration to hard-hearted _____. God;last;Israel
Theme 2. God's unending___ for His faithless ____. 3. Return unto the Lord love; people
Theme 4. Key words in the book a. Return - __ times b. Ephraim - __ times c. Backsliding - __ times 15; 36; 3
Theme 5. His language throughout the book is abrupt, short, and sharp. They end with _____ except Jonah. Lots of judgement. restoration
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