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The Wonderful Word of God- Bibliology Part 2

Not only did God ____ the Bible, but He ____ it as well. inspire; preserved
Word-my thought, express Integrity-_____ preservation
God has perfectly_____ His Word to use today. preserved
If God can create the universe, He can preserve His Word. What good would inspiration be without______? preservation
___ by _____ is our goal on this subject. Unity;knowledge
One approach to Preservation and Canonicity: The ___ Approach - We are confident we have it. God's Word says it. Faith
The second approach to Preservation and Canonicity: The ____ Approach - The Word of God exists, but we need to keep searching. We don't have it yet. Faith in scholars. Scientific
The third approach to Preservation and Canonicity: The ____ Approach - The Bible was inspired again in 1611. (double inspiration) Extremist
_____-seeks to express the MEANING of the writer in modern idiom. Dynamic Equivalence
_____-seeks to express in English the meaning of the words in Greek or Hebrew. Accuracy of words; Holy Spirit give meaning Formal Equivalence
The KJV was written in what? High English-a very precise form of our language.
In modern English, the second person pronoun is expressed with one word, whether in singular or the plural. That word is "___" you
"Thou" for the second person singular and "you" for the plural. List the words... thou and thee; ye or you
The _____ of God's Word is the biggest issue. One mistake will cast a doubt on the whole. "Thus saith the Lord" becomes our foundation of authority and object of faith. Integrity
Which text is more _____ - The Textus Receptus or Westcott and Hort? reliable
The TR is from the Majority Text on what is called ______ manuscripts. Byzantine
The Critical Text comes from the ______ _____. They are older but not valued as much. Older does not mean ___, if the beliefs of those who give us the critical text do not line up with basic Bible doctrines. Alexandrian manuscripts; better
_____ becomes the prime concern over understanding. Accuracy
Who holds the copyright on the KJV? No one, but God.
We also find the use of ____ in the old Bible a great help. italics
From the beginning of man's history, ____ has been seeking to pervert the Word of God by ____ it, ______it and ______ it. Satan; doubting, diluting, discarding
We don't need a new translation. We need to ___ ourselves better about the KJV, because it is the most accurate Bible in the English language we have. educate
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