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root words

arterio artery rteriosclerosis
artho joint anrthropomerty
cardio heart cardiogram
cephalo head cephalometry
cephalometry brain cerebropinal
cost rib costate
cranio skull craniotomy
cyst bladder cystectomy
cyto cell cytoplasm
derma skin dermabrasion
entero intestine enterology
gastro stomach gastrology
geront old age, ederly gerontology
hepato liver hepatotoxin
lipo fat lipolysis
myo muscle myology
nephro, remo kidney nephrolith
rhino nose rhinology
neuro nerve neurology
ophtal, oculo eye ophthalmology
osteo bone osteometry
oto ear otology
pneumo lung pneumonitis
thpraco chest thoracoplasty
ven, phlebo vein veno
hema blood hemacytomete
Created by: Kaykay1