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World History

NHS 2014-2015 Howard CH. 8

Local lords governed their own lands but owned military service and other support to a greater lord or king? Feudalism
What is a curriculum? A formal course of study
A period of history between ancient and modern times? Medieval
A lord who was granted land in exchange for service and loyalty to a greater lord, usually a king is a? Vassals
What is a feudal contract? Exchange of pledges between lords and vassals
A journeyman is a salaried worker who was employed by a? Guild master
A young person learning a trade from a master is a? Apprentice
What is an usuary? Practice of lending money with interest
Issued by a banker in one city to a merchant who could exchange it for cash in a distant city, so they would not have to carry gold. Bill of Exchange
What is a guild? An association of merchants who cooperated to protect their economic interests
A lord's estate which included one or more villages and surrounding lands Manor
What is chivalry? Code of conduct for knights during the Middle Ages
A mock battle where knights would compete to show off their fighting skills is a? Tournament
What is a knight? A Noble in Europe who served as a mounted warrior for a lord
An estate granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for service and loyalty? Fief
What is canon laws? A body of laws of a church
A peasant bound to a lord's land is? Serf
What is secular? Having to do with worldly rather than religious matters.
The authority of medieval popes over all secular rulers is? Papal Supremacy
What is excommunication? Exclusion from the Catholic Church as a penalty for refusing to obey church laws.
What is anti-semitism? Prejudice against Jews
Excommunication of an entire region, town, or kingdom is? Interdict
What is a charter? A written document that set our rights and privileges of a town.
A group of merchants who joined together to finance a large venture is a? Partnership
What is capital? Money or wealth
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