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Hx of Medicine

Andreas Vesalius Studied anatomy through dissection Published "De Humani Corporis Fabrica" "Father of Modern Anatomy"
William Harvey Described blood circulation "Father of Vascular and Circulatory system"
Karl Landsteiner Discovered blood types (A, B, AB, O) Conducted safe blood transfusion Made organ transplant possible
Wilhelm Roentgen Conducted first x-ray
Louis Pasteur Germ theory (1 microorganism causes 1 disease) Pasteurization Rabies vaccine
Edward Jenner Smallpox vaccine
Jonas Salk Polio vaccine
Alexander Flemming Discovered penicillin
Gerhard Domagk Sulfur drugs (bacteriostatic), led to chemotherapy
Michael Bishop, Harold Varmus Genetic origins of cancer Cancer Research
Thomas Starlz Modern transplantation
Alton Ochsher, Michael Debakey Claimed lung cancer is linked with smoking
Dr. William TG Morton Ether for surgical operation
Earle Dickson Band-Aid
Christian Barnard Heart transplant
Clarissa Harlowe Barton (Clara) Founded Red Cross
Burrhus Frederick Skinner Skinner box
John B. Watson "Behaviorism"
Sir Joseph Lister "Father of Modern Antiseptic Surgery" Proved diseases were caused by germs
Willem Joham Kolff "Father of Artificial Organs"
Rene Stethoscope
Florence Nightingale Founder first training school for nurses & St. Thomas Hospital
1930's Deaths caused by heart disease, cancer, pneumonia, & other infectious diseases
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