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Ch. 1 and 2 Review

Review of material from Chapters 1 and 2

Sargon King of the Akkadians
Hammurabi Created the first law code containing laws and consequences
prehistory time before writing was developed
fossil trace of plants or animals that have been preserved in rock
technology tools that make performing tasks easier
nomads people who move from place to plance
civilization complex society with government, art, religion, and a writing system
Mesopotamia Greek for "land between the rivers"
cuneiform Sumerian writing system
cataracts wild rapids in the Nile River
Nile River River that flows through Egypt
Mediterranean Sea The Nile River empties into this body of water
Giza The Great Pyramid and Sphinx are located here
Narmer Man who united Upper and Lower Egypt
embalming the process of preparing a body for mummification
Horus The Egyptians believed their pharaoh was this god
Hatshepsut The first female Egyptian pharaoh
Akhenaton Amenhotep IV changed his name to this
Tutankhamen Howard Carter found this pharaoh's tomb in 1922
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