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Michelangelo painted Sistine Chapel; ideal human form
Petrarch father of Humanism
Machiavelli wrote "The Prince"; a leader acts of behalf of the state; ends justify the means
Gutenberg invented the printing press
Leonardo da Vinci painter, sculptor, architect, inventor, and mathematician; "Mona Lisa"
Medici family family that controlled Florence; patrons of the arts
Castiglione wrote about what nobles were expected to do - "Book of the Courtier"
Shakespeare playwright
Sir Thomas More English philosopher and humanist; wrote "Utopia"
Erasmus Dutch humanist; believed in predestination
urban city environment
perspective artistic style that allows art to look more life-like and 3-D
vernacular the language of every day people; slang
humanism the belief that humans are in control of their destiny, not supernatural beings
secular non-religious
fresco large murals painted on walls or ceilings
patron a person who supports the arts monetarily
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