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U5-7 Benchmark Revie

Units 5,6,7 Medieval Europe, Africa, Americas, SSWH 5e, 6, 7, 8

provided the economic support for the feudal system manor system
fought over the issue of lay investiture( kings appointing bishops) HRE Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII
forces that held feudal society together mutual obligations of feudal and manor systems and church rules kept order
workers were paid and moved back to town; more money was available for investing; increased power of kings; decreased power of nobles and feudal decline effects of the Commercial Revolution
blending practices from different religions into a new faith system religious syncretism
a lasting negative effect of the Crusades bitterness between some Christians and some Muslims
Muslim scholar who developed a medical encyclopedia Ibn Sina
contributed most to decline of Native American civilizations after European arrival disease,such as small pox
products that dominated trans-Saharan trade gold and salt
likely cause of Bantu migrations slash and burn farming method
Aztecs, Inca, and Maya had advanced civilizations before his arrival Columbus
migrated south from the savanna south of the Sahara Bantu
reason West African kingdoms covered more territory over time gold was found farther to the east
aided trade between East Africa and India monsoons
famine, bubonic plague, Hundred Years War crises of the Late Middle Ages
Created by: rblakecchs