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History Of Medicine

Hippocrate Father of Medicine
Benjamin Franklin Invented bifocals
Anthon Van Leeuwenhook Invented microscope
Rene Laennec Ivented stethoscope
Alexander Flemming Discovered Penicilin
Edward Jenner Discovered smallpox vaccine
Elizabeth Blackwell First female physician
Louis Pasteur Proved disease is caused by microorganisms as well as discovered pasteurization process.
Clara Barton Found the American Red Cross
Joseph Lister First to use antiseptic practices during surgery.
Robert Koch Father of Microbiology
William Roentgen Discovered X-Rays
Sigmund Freud Psychology and Psychiatry
Jonas Salk Discovered Polio Vaccine
James Watson and Francis Crick Discoverer and Co-Discoverer of DNA
Christian Barnard First successful heart transplant.
William Harvey Doscovered circulation of blood from the heart.
Ignaz Semmelweis Encouraged physicians to wash hands before and after autopsies as well as delivering babies.
Rhazes Arab Physician who first used animal gut.
Frederick Banting and Charles Best Discovred insulin for use in treating diabetes.
Florence Nightingale Founder of modern nursing
Egyptians First known written health records.
Greeks Believed illnesses were natural causes.
Romans First drainage and sanitation systems.
Andreas Vassalius First anatomy based on dissection
Leonardo Davinci More accurate anatomy of the human body
Dr David Ho Conducted research on HIV
Crawford Long Used ether as anesthetic agent
Marie Curie Discovered Radium
Horace Wells Nitrous oxide as an anesthetic agent
Emil Von Behring discovers antioxins and develops tetanus and diphtheria vaccines
Felix Hoffman Develops Aspirin
Karl Landsteiner Different blood types
John Hopps Invents Cardiac Pacemaker
Robert S. Ledley Develops CAT scans
Williams J Kolff Invents artificial kidney dialysis machine
James Blundell First successful transfusion of blood
James Lind Treating scary with fruits
Luc Montagnier Discovers HIV
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