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Chapter 6 Section 1

Phoenicians & the 5 Elements of a Culture

What two groups of people made up the Phoenicians? Canaanites & Philistines
What was the Phoenicians' most important contribution? the idea of the alphabet
Why did the Phoenicians become sea merchants? 1. there was not enough land to grow food 2. they lived along the Mediterranean 3. they had access to cedar forests which they used to build ships
Name the piece of land that once connected Egypt and Mesopotamia Canaan
As a result of trade, what were the Phoenicians able to accomplish? 1. spread their culture 2. control trade on the Mediterranean 3. explore uncharted areas
agreements between countries treaties
ornamental vases urns
famous Phoenician colony Carthage
permanent settlements colonies
sacred chamber in a Phoenician temple holy of holies
Who did the Phoenicians think had a very simplified form of writing? Canaanites
What separated Phoenician city-states? mountains
This element of a culture asks, "who has the power?" Political System
This element of a culture describes a its beliefs religion
This element of a culture tells us how a group of people makes a living economic system
Where does our knowledge about the Phoenicians come from? the Bible, writings of other ancient peoples, ruins of their cities and ships
What modern countries make up the land once known as Phoenicia? Lebanon & Israel
Name one of the large Phoenician citites Tyre, Beirut, Byblos, Sidon
She founded the city of Carthage Dido
What does the term "Phoenicia" mean? "of purple merchant"
Created by: pshelly