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U5 Africa to 1800

Africa to 1800 SSWH 6 Topic 8

What area was the original homeland of the Bantu? West African savanna south of the Sahara
For what reason were the Bantu forces to migrate? Slash and burn farming depleted resources.
How did Bantu migrations affect other parts of Africa? spread Bantu language, farming techniques and iron working technology
Which ruler helped the Mali Empire grow powerful and wealthy by promoting agriculture and re-establishing the gold-salt trade? Sundiata
Which ruler made a hajj that resulted in trading and diplomatic ties between Mali and other Muslim states? Mansa Musa
Which Muslim scientist developed a medical encyclopedia? Ibn Sina
Which Muslim historian traveled all over the Islamic world and wrote about the great things he saw on his travels? Ibn Batutta
What helped aid trade between Africa and India? monsoon winds
What resource did people of West Africa lack? salt
What caused the African trade routes to keep moving further east? Gold was found farther east.
What is religious syncretism? blending of two or more religions into one new system
How did the rulers of Ghana get rich? They taxed traders.
What animal single handedly made trade possible across the Sahara desert? camel
What two products dominated trade throughout Western Africa? gold and salt
What religion did the people of Aksum pass on to the Ethiopians? Christianity
How did Islam get spread all over Africa? through trade and conquest
How did Muslims influence the development of East African cities? Introduced Islam and Arabic language in port cities
How did Muslim scholars help preserve European culture? Scholars translated Greek and Roman texts into Arabic.
Created by: rblakecchs