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Ch.6 African Culture

World History & Culture Ch. 6 African Culture

How much of the African continent is covered by desert? 2/5
What are the two major deserts of Africa? Sahara and Kalahari Deserts
Where are the two major deserts of Africa located? Sahara is in the northern part of Africa and Kalahari is in the southern part.
What is the world's largest desert? Sahara
What is Africa's longest mountain range? Atlas Mountain Range
What is the tallest mountain in Africa? Mount Kilimanjaro
What is Africa's largest lake? Lake Tanganyika
What river is the source for Africa's largest lake? Congo River
What is the largest rift in the earth's surface? Great Rift Valley
Another name used for Africa is the... Dark continent
Vast land tracts that have wet and dry seasons, and are located between deserts and the rain forest are called ... savanna
What stretches across the center of the African continent? a dense rainforest
What area did the descendants of Phut settle? An area now known as the Sahara Desert.
Give Biblical names for the Sahara Desert. Phut, Put, or Libya
What was the greatest ancient civilization in Africa's interior? Kingdom of Cush
By what name were Cushites or Nubians called in the Bible? Ethiopians
Name two famous Cushites mentioned in the Bible. Ebed-melech and Ethiopian eunuch
Give the names by which Ethiopia and its kingdoms were called. Abyssinia, Kingdom of Aksusm
How was Christianity introduced to Ethiopia? In A.D. 300, two Christian youths from Rome were shipwrecked and taken into Ethiopia as slaves. They taught the gospel in the court of King Ezana.
What cities became important centers of Christianity in North Africa? Alexandria, Cyrene, and Cathage
Name two church fathers from Carthage. Tertullian and Cyprian
What were the notable achievements of Athanasius and Augustine? Athanasius spoke about the deity of Christ, the doctrine of the Trinity, and Augustine championed the Biblical emphasis of salvation by grace alone and inspired Martin Luther and John Calvin.
Who dominated North Africa by A.D. 700? Muslims
What was the largest central African kingdom from the 1400's to the 1700's? Songhai Empire
What is animism? The belief that natural objects and forces are inhabited by mostly malignant spirits.
Who was the first African on record to become a Christian? The Ethiopian eunuch
Who brought gold, precious stones and costly spices a as tribute to King Solomon in Jerusalem? The Queen of Sheba
What ruler possessed more power and wealth by monopolizing trade across the Sahara desert in the 1500's? Askia the Great
Who was the greatest rulers of the Mali Empire? Mansa Musa
What important trading center did Mansa Musa make into a famous center of learning and culture? Timbuktu
Why was 19th century Africa called the White Man's Grave? Many died from the intense heat, dense vegetation, malaria, sleeping sickness, and yellow fever.
Explain how the slave trade developed in Africa. Portuguese brought the slave trade to Europe and the New World.
How did slave trade hurt missionaries? Africans suspected that all white men, even missionaries, could be slave traders so they didn't trust them.
What European country supplied many of the first explores and missionaries to Africa? Scotland
Name four of the earliest explorers of Africa. James Bruce, Mungo Park, Hugh Clapperton, and Alexander Laing
Describe the ministries and achievements of Robert Moffat. One of the first missionaries in Africa. Translated the Bible and Pilgrim's Progress into African languages.
Describe the ministries and achievements of David Livingstone He was known more for being an explorer who expanded his missionary efforts northward and along the South Atlantic coast, discovered Lake Ngami, Traced rivers.
What country was the first independent African republic? Monrovia
Who were the first two Christian missionaries to Monrovia? Lott Carey and Colin Teague
Africa's largest waterfall is called .... Victoria Falls
Who was the most famous Liberian evangelist in the Ivory Coast of Africa? William Harris
Who was the son of a witch doctor, but became a Christian in his youth and ruled as tribal chief of Bechuanaland (now Botswana)? Khama
What were the only two countries in Africa not to have been ruled by European power by the outbreak of WWI? Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and Liberia
What were the results of the move toward independence in Africa during 1950s and 1960s? Civil wars broke out when Communist terrorists forcibly established their rule over newly independent states.
Who tortured and killed about 300,000 people after he seized power in Uganda? General Idi Amin
How has Communist subversion affected southern Africa? The Marxist government took power in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana through terrorism and the ANC.
What are some of the most pressing needs and problems of modern Africa? Spreading the Gospel, Food, Shelter, Education, Stable civil governments
Who was the Marxist leader of the ANC who was imprisoned, and eventually released and elected the first black president of Africa. Nelson Mandela
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