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Social Studies 9/16

Bubonic Plague or "Black Death" -Severe Chills, Vomiting -An infected person was usually dead within a few days -Spread by rats & fleas
Impact from the Plague -for a short time, war stopped and trade declined -weakened feudalism -shortage of labor -Increased hostility towards Jews.
English Government -common law-law based on customs and previous court ruling -decisions were not consistant
Royal Law -King Henry II sent royal judges to every part of England -These judges were to make decisions to apply to all of England -Royal law make it more likely people all over England would receive equal treatment
Independent Courts -The royal judges were to be independent from local policies -This is different than what we have today -Now we have an independent judiciary- courts are independent from all other parts of the government
Magna Carta 1 -By 1215 King John had weakened England financially. England's ability opposed King John and said he must recognize their rights. -The Magna Carta was signed. It was a statement of rights of Englishmen. -Guaranteed trial by jury and protection of law.
Magna Carta 2 -Forced King to recognize rights of nobility -This set an example for later democracies
Representative Government -1264-Parliament was formed to govern England -Parliament-a group of representatives made up of nobles, church officials and representatives from cities and towns -Parliament formed 2 groups to govern -House of Commons and House of Lords
New Legal Rights -Habeas Corpus-a person can not be imprisoned without cause. Authorities must provide legal proof for why a person is being imprisoned -Suffrage-right to vote-main ways citizens express views
Universal Suffrage took many years. Not until 1920 could women vote in the US
Created by: JohnsR2