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silt. A fertile soil that is carried and deposited by the wind or water
urban. Of the city
Bas-relief. A sculpture in which the image projects out from a flat surface
import. A product brought into a country through trade or sale
export. A product traded or sold in another country
rural. Of the country or farming
Ziggurat. Pyramid shaped temples
bronze A strong metal alloy made from copper
nobles Overton belonging to high birth or rank
Social Class A group in society that is ranked by factors such as wealth, property, and rights
astronomy. The study of the stars, planets, and other heavenly bodies
Social structure. The way a civilization is organized
tribute. Wealth sent from one county or ruler to anther as a signs that the other is superior
aqueduct. A pipe or channel built to carry water over a long distance
levee. A wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding
irrigation A means of supplying land with water
City-state. An early city that controlled itself and the land around it
cuneiform Writing that uses wedged-shaped characters
scribe. A person who writes
empire A large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government
Fertile Crescent An arc shaped region in southwest Asia, with rich soil
Concrete. Material that added strength to buildings
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