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WH P3 Regional Civ

1. What people took control of Western Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire? 2. Germanic people
3. What international institution created a common cultural link for Western Europe in the Medieval period? 4. Roman Catholic Church
5. Who was the great Frankish ruler who revived the idea of empire, much like the Roman Empire, in Western Europe? 6. Charlemagne
7. What is the name of the political system that trades land and protection from lords for loyalty and military service from vassals? 8. Feudalism
9. What is the name of the economic system for mostly self-sufficient estates in which lords provide farmland and protection in exchange for labor and fees from peasants? 10. Manorialism
11. What is the term for a European warrior who specializes in fighting from horseback? 12. Knight
13. What are the two civilizations or empires that preserved Greek and Roman learning in the Medieval Era? 14. Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Caliphate
15. What was the capital of the Byzantine Empire? 16. Constantinople
17. What was another name for the Byzantine Empire? 18. Eastern Roman Empire
19. What language was most important in the Byzantine Empire? 20. Greek
21. What religion was the state religion of the Byzantine Empire? 22. Eastern Orthodox Church
23. Who was the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church? 24. Byzantine Emperor
25. Who was and is the head of the Roman Catholic Church? 26. The Pope
27. Who was the founder of Islam? 28. Muhammad
29. Where did Islam originate? 30. Arabia
31. What are the three holiest cities in Islam? 32. Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem
33. What is the name of Muhammad’s escape to Medina where he built a strong following? 34. Hijra
35. What is the name of the pilgrimage to Mecca that all able Muslims are supposed to take once in their lifetime? 36. Haj
37. What language spread through North Africa and Southwest Asia with Islam? 38. Arabic
39. What trade led to the rise of the West African civilization in the Medieval Era? 40. The gold-salt trade
41. What are the three great West African empires? 42. Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
43. What was the common language of the East African city-states? 44. Swahili
45. What is the name of the African civilization known for its great stone walls? 46. Great Zimbabwe
47. What world religion spread to West Africa and East Africa because of trade contacts? 48. Islam
49. What ancient kingdom explains the strong presence of Christianity in Ethiopia? 50. Aksum
51. What Chinese dynasty restored a strong central rule long after the fall of the Han Dynasty? 52. Sui Dynasty
53. What Chinese dynasty invented gunpowder? 54. Tang Dynasty
55. What Chinese dynasty’s population soared as a result of the introduction of Champa rice and a robust commercial economy? 56. Song Dynasty
57. What Chinese dynasty was founded by the Mongols and lasted almost a century? 58. Yuan Dynasty
59. What Chinese dynasty restored Chinese rule by overthrowing Mongol rule? 60. Ming Dynasty
Created by: Mr McNair