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Chapter 1,2,&3

What are some facts about personal choices that influence you life expectancy? *Life expectancy has doubled over the past 100 years *Early 1900s, people lived up to 47 years *Child born in 2012, lives up to 79 years *Life expectancy increased b/c of vaccines while death shifted to Chronic Diseases
What are the two views of Health? *Medical Model views health status as focused on the individual and his/her tissues or organs. *Public Health Model views health as a result of the individuals interactions with the social and physical environment.
Medical model is ...? Focus on the treatment, Cure the disease
Public Health Model is...? What causes this and the impact of it
What are some examples of Chronic Diseases? High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc
What are the immediate benefits for health behaviors that are provided? *Better immune response *Better moods *Better driving because you are more alert
What does choosing health now mean for most people? It will help bring long term rewards because there would be a decease in the chronic disease area and have a healthy life expectancy.
What economical disadvantage affect all determinants of health? (Community Factor) * Lack of access to quality education, living in poor housing (mold, germs) *Unstable to pay for nourishing foods and essentials(minerals) *Insecure employment and having few assets to fall back on (Day Job)
What are the five health outcomes? *Individual behavior *Health services *Policy making *Social factors *Biology and genetics
What are the Wellness and Dimensions of Health? *Physical Health *Intellectual Health *Social Health *Emotional Health *Environmental Health *Spiritual Health
What is Physical Health? Body size and functioning; How well does the body works
What is Social Health? *Having a broad social network and successful interactions with others; No media relationship/ human relationship *Interactions with others on an individual and group basis (Relating)
What is Intellectual Health? Ability to think clearly and make responsible decisions; Brain power
What is Emotional Health? *Ability to express emotions and maintain a level of self-confidence (Can I express my emotions confidence) *Feeling, side of psychological (Feeling)
What is Spiritual Health? *Having a sense of meaning and purpose in one's life (Not church related, feeling of purpose , values) *Sense of belonging to something greater than the purely physical or personal dimensions of existence ( Being/ Belongingness)
What is Environmental Health? Appreciation of one's external environment (Recycle)
What are the four leading causes of Chronis Diseases in the United States? *Inactivity *Alcohol(behavior associates) *Smoking *Food choices (junk food)
How can you improve you health behaviors? *Health Belief Model * Social Cognitive Model *Transtheoretical Model
Social Cognitive Model Three Factors interact reciprocally to promote and motivate change: Behavior, Social Environment, Inner thoughts and feelings
Biology An individual's genetics, ethnicity, age, and gender. (NATURE)
Behaviors An individual's responses to internal and external conditions. (NUTURE)
Health Belief Model holds that a healthy behavior change is more likely if:... *The health problem is perceived to be serious *The Individual perceives that the health problem poses a threat *There are cues to action- person is reminded about potential health problems
Transtheoretical Model(TTM) *Precontemplation Stage *Contemplation Stage *Preparation Stage *Action *Maintenance Stage *Termination Stage
Precontemplation Stage No current intention to change
Contemplation Stage Thinking about change (thinking/maybe)
Preparation Stage Close to taking action (I'm starting soon)
Action Stage Follow action plans (Did it, made change)
Maintenance Stage Permanent change do reps (Do reps)
Termination Stage Behavior change is now part of life (a custom to it)
How can you improve your health behaviors? *Increase your awareness *Contemplating Change *Prepare for change * Take Action to Change
How do you prepare for change? Smart System S-Specific M-Measurable A-Action- oriented (doing something) R- Realistic T- Time-Oriented (Time Limited)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs *Survival Needs * Security Needs *Social Needs *Esteem Needs *Self- Actualization
What are some factors that influence Psychological Health? *Family *Social Supports *Community *Self- efficacy *Self esteem *Personality *Life span and maturity
Psychoneuroimmunology the study of brain and behavior and how they affect the body's immune system
Strategies to Enhance Psychological Health *Develop a support group *Complete required tasks *Form realistic expectations *Make time for you *Maintain physical health * Examine problems and seek needed help *Get adequate
Dysthymic Disorder a less severe type of depression that is milder, chronic, harder to recognize, and often characterized by fatigue, pessimism or short temper
Bipolar Disorder characterized by alternating mania and depression; ( High Energy then Crash)
What are some ways that you can prevent Suicide? * Monitor the warning signals *Take Threats Seriously *Listen * Ask Directly * Tell Someone; do not keep your suspicions to yourself
What is Stress? a real or imagined threat to one's being- leads to a series of physiological responses and adaptions (Flight or Fight)
What is a Stressor? is a physical, social, or psychological event or condition that upsets homeostasis and produces a stress response
Distress is stress that can have a detrimental effects on health
Eustress is positive stress and can present opportunities for personal growth
Acute Stress is the short term physiological response to an immediate perceived threat
Chronic Stress is an ongoing state of physiological arousal in response to ongoing or numerous perceived threats
General Adaptions Syndrome Hypothalamus functions as the control center for the sympathetic nervous system. Hormones get you going.
Physical Effects of Stress *Cardiovascular Disease *Weight Gain *Alcohol Dependence * Hair Loss *Diabetes *Digestive Problems *Impaired Immunity
What physical actions can you relieve your stress? *Exercise Regularly *Get enough Sleep *Learn to Relax *Eat Healthly
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