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MCA 100

Medical computers applications terms and definition

HIT (Health Information Technology) techology used to perform clinical tasks such as record vitals; it also preforms admin tasks such as creating insurance claims.
PMP (practice management program) software that automates admin tasks, mostly financial tasks
daily tasks of PMPs create, transmit, and monitor claims. Receive and process payments
Monitoring claim status Pmp can monitor and remind of payments; important for prompt payments
Electronic health records Lifelong file of healthcare over time for a Pt
electronic prescribing The use of computers and handheld devices to transmit prescriptions in digital format
patient support offers Pt information to prepare them
factors that contribute to PT safety -meds and dr errors minimal due to illegable hand writing eliminated -dr get instant alerts for allergies & drug interactions -dr get alerts when meds are pulled from market -Records not lost in natural disasters -info communicated in a timely manner
efficiency factors in EHR -Easier to find info -Quicker, save time for pt and DR -multiple ppl can work on EHR at same time -prescribing meds
Medical billing cycle 10 stp process ensuring timely payments
preregistering Pts cheif complaint, contact info and medical history obtained; process # 1 of medical billing cycle
Pt information form a form that includes personal, employment, and medical insurance data needed to collect payments.
ICD 9 & 10 - Diagnosis codes international classification of disease. turns diagnosis to #s so they may be processed and billed corectly
CPT- procedure codes codes given for the procedures
encounter form / superbill a list of everything that took place during visit.
claims information needed what was done, what was used, and diagnosis of visit with documentation. must show medical nessecity
REMITTANCE ADVICE list amnts that has been paid on claims and why -details about pt id# services provided, and date services provided
OVERPAYMENT when insurance overpays, the clinic is expects to refund the amount overpayed
HIPAA health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996, ensures insurance when moving from job to job, decrease fraud and abuse in health care-mandates standards for health info- ensures security and privacy
REGIONAL EXTENSION CENTERS Centers that offer information, guidance, training, and support services to providers transitioning to an EHR system
GOAL OF HIE to facilitate access to clinical information for the purpose of providing quality care to pts
AFFORDABLE CARE ACT increases access to health care, improves quality of healthcare, explores new models for delivery and payment.
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