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Religions of Europe

There are 3 religions in Europe. Each one has special qualities.

What is the oldest European monotheistic religion? Judaism
What does monotheistic mean? It's believers believe in only 1 god
Where did all three European monotheistic religions originate from? southwest Asia
What is the holy book of the Jews? The Torah
What are some Jewish holidays? Hanukah and The Passover
What is the most widespread religion in Europe? Christianity
Who made Christianity a legally-reconized religion in the Roman Empire? the Roman emperor, Constantine
Where does the Pope, the head of the Catholic Church, reside? in Vatican City in Rome
Who were 2 European men instrumental in the changes that caused different denominations in Christianity? Martin Luther and John Calvin
What is the holy book for Christians? The Bible
In what province did Christianity originate from? Judea
What are some holidays that Christians celebrate? Easter and Christmas
What does The Hebrew Bible contain? the law of Moses
What are some examples of how Jews have been persecuted? The Spanish Inquisition, The German Holocaust and The Soviet Purges
When and why did Judaism spread to Europe? around the 2nd B.C. to escape persecution
What religion was originally predominant in Judea? Judaism
Who practices Islam? Muslims
What prophet received a message from God? Muhammad
Where was Muhammed born? in Mecca
What is the Islamic holy book that Muhammed composed most of? The Qur'an, also called the Koran
What do Muslims believe Jesus was? a prophet
Which prophets do Muslims believe in? the prophets of the Old Testament
Who can Jews trace their religious heritage back to? Abraham
Who do the Muslims believe was the last prophet of God? Muhammad
What is The Dome of the Rock? the place where Muslims believe Muhammed rose into Heaven
What do the Five Pillars of Faith include? stating an Islam creed of faith, praying 5 times a day toward Mecca, giving alms to the poor, fasting during Ramadan,and making a holy pilgrimage once in one's lifetime towards Mecca
What is Ramadan? a holiday that Muslims celebrate
During the crusades of the Middle Ages, what empire and religion sought and failed to regain Jerusalem from Islamic rulers? The Roman Empire and Christianity
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