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Bham Democracy 2018

Bham-Democracy 2018 2018 2018 2018

What was one means by which Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian values spread throughout Europe in the first centuries A.D.? expansion of the Roman Empire
Which group said "innocent until proven guilty"? Greco-Romans
In Judeo-Christian tradition, helping others in need should be the responsibility of every person.
Type of law handed down by the Jews and Christians? Moral code of law
The Ten Commandments handed down from the Jews and Christians is what kind of law? Moral and Ethical
Which characteristic is shared by the ancient Roman Republic and the United States Both societies established a form of representative government.
A Democratic system of government where people rule through elected officials is know as what type? Republic/representative
John Locke and Rousseau believe that people are basically ______ good
What are natural rights according to Locke? Life, liberty, property
Rousseau and Locke would be believe in what kind of government? A society in which the people chose the rule
According to Locke, what should be protected by the government? Natural rights
Which of the following is a concept from classical Athens that is central to Western political thought today? Individual achievement, dignity, and worth are of great importance
The Greeks had a political system where citizens vote for everything. What was it called? Direct Democracy
The Greco/Romans gave us what kind of law? civil code of law
Which was the most significant effect of the European Enlightenment period? It provided the intellectual spark for the American and French Revolutions.
The Enlightenment thinker John Locke argued that life, liberty, and property are? Natural rights that should be protected by government
Ancient Greek philosophers helped the development of democracy by? Promoting reason and thought
With which of the following would an Enlightenment thinker most agree? The right to rule comes from the consent of the people
Which group wrote about changing the relationship between people and their government? Writers of the Enlightenment
Making laws, serving on juries, holding office and voting are what according to the Greeks and Romans? Duties of every citizen.
The writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment believed the government decisions should be based on? Laws of nature and reason
Who says men are evil and need a strong monarch to control them? Hobbes
What form of government is based on the idea that people can govern themselves? Democracy
A new government based on the principle of popular sovereignty must affirm the idea that its power comes from the people.
In which of the following ways did Montesquieu influence the Constitution of the United States? system of checks and balances, 3 branches of governement
Created by: crbham4