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Church Terms

theology church terms

tabernacle sacred place where the body of Christ is stored
sanctuary front part of the church where all the important part of the mass will take place
sacristy the room off of the sanctuary where the priest prepares himself physically and spiritually
credence table table located in the sanctuary where all the mass items are kept
cruets two glass containers that hold water in wine
ciborium dish with lid that contains concerted Host, stored in the tabernacle
lavabo dish dish that the priest washes his hands over top
chalice priest’s cup where the wine/blood is
altar table
corporal white square cloth located on the altar; usually has a red cross in the corner
sacramentary contains the prayers used for mass
lectionary the book that the readings are taken out of
cantor the lead singer at mass
lector the reader at mass
pulpit podium where the lector, deacon, and priest read the mass readings
Sacristy Light (candle) candle that is lit when the consecrated host is in the tabernacle
chasuble the outer garment worn by the priest; changes colors based on the liturgical year
stole scarf like garment the the priest wears; comes down below the knee
alb white robe that is below the chasuble and stole
dalmatic outer garment worn by the deacon
pyx a small container used to transport hosts to the homebound
monstrance crucifix used during adoration that has a host in it
lunette glass container that holds the Eucharist for adoration
purficator cloth used to wipe the chalice after someone has consumed the blood of Christ
crosier bishop’s staff
miter high hat worn by the bishop
paten dish-like used by the priest where the concetration takes place
Easter candle candle lit at funerals, baptism, and Easter
baptismal fount contains holy water used for baptisms and holy water
zuchetto circular hat worn by the bishop
pall cover that is used to cover the chalice
incense fragrant substance used as a symbol of offering prayers to God
relics some objects, notably a part of the body or clothes, remaining as a memorial to a departed saint
lay people nonreligious people somehow involved in the celebration of the Eucharist
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