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Unit 5 Medieval Age

Medieval Europe SSWH 5e, 7 chapters 13 and 14

Achievements of Charlemagne He reintroduced learning in medieval Europe and, greatest of all, expanded an empire to make it larger than any known since the fall of Rome
What was the significance of Pope Leo III crowning Charlemagne "Holy Roman Emperor"? This act joined the power of the Catholic church and Germanic kingdom of the Franks with the heritage of the once-powerful Roman Empire
How were the feudal system and the manor system related? Feudalism was a system of mutual political obligations and the manor system was a set of mutual economic obligations that supported it.
What were the forces holding feudal society together? The church maintained order and served the communities needs, the feudal system provided protection and the manor system provided the basic resources of food and shelter.
What services were provided by monks and nuns? They ran schools, hospitals, cared for orphaned children, helped the poor and the sick.
Who fought over the issue of lay investiture? Pope Gregory VII and HRE Henry IV
How was the power struggle between Pope Gregory VII and HRE Henry IV resolved? Henry begged forgiveness of the pope in the snow for 3 days.
How was the power struggle over lay investiture finally settled in 1122? The Concordat of Worms established a compromise- the pope would invest bishops with spiritual power and the king would award the bishop with land.
What were the chief goals of the Crusades? The pope hoped to regain control of the Holy Land in Palestine from the Muslim Turks.
What were positive effects of the Crusades? Contact with the east revived trade an reintroduced the classical works of Greek and Roman scholars back into western Europe.
What were negative effects of the Crusades? Deaths of many knights; failed battles decreased the power of popes and nobles; lasting bitterness between some Christians and Muslims still exists
What were the effects of he Agricultural Revolution? Increased food supply led to population increase which led to increased demand and, in turn, increased trade and finances in Western Europe
What were the effects of the Commercial Revolution? Increased trade led to the growth of towns. Workers fled from the manors back to towns and began to be paid to work. As the feudal system declined the power of nobles also declined and the power of the king increased.
What factors led to the rebirth of cities and towns in Europe? Population increased, escaped serfs and peasants moved to towns, and locations of trade fairs became population centers.
What were crises of the late Middle Ages? Decline and death were caused by famine, bubonic plague, and the Hundred Years War. The division known as the Great Schism was caused by power struggles between church officials.
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