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Enlightenment F R

The Enlishtenment and the French Revoluion

Laissez-faire let the people do what they want
John Locke all people born free and equal 3 natural righs -life -liberty -property power comes with consent of the government people have the right to rebel
Phiosophe Applied to all intellectuals. Writers, journalists, econmists, and social reformers.
the tennis court oath Members of the 3rd Estate met by themselves and pledged to form a new govrnment
bastille Barricks and stored weapons. the 3rd Estate storm and talk the weapons.
estate there are 3 estate in all
bourgeoisie middle class
Louis XVI 16 monarchy
Reign of Terror millions of people died
Napoleon dictator
Montesquieu was an Enlightenment thinker from France. Montesquieu describes what he considers to be the best government. He states that government should divide itself according to its powers, creating a Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branch
Voltaire intellectual who wrote and lectured about freedom of speech.
Nationalism pride in then country
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