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Health Records

Ch 3 Functions of the Health Record

Data Facts (dates, phone numbers, SS number, Insurance number)
Information Analysis of data, gives data meaning
Unique Identifier one single patients number used to represent an individual and their health record (used to be a persons SS number)
Accreditation optional but highly recommended standards for a healthcare organization, accredited by the JC or other organizations
Licensure Mandatory by state government, regulations for a healthcare organization in a specific area
Certification somewhat optional, a group of individuals have to be certified to provide certain services (meet federal regulations to receive funding from CMS)
Credentialing Like a background check/annual review, used to review ones practice in order to see if they are in good standing to continue to work,
Master Patient Index (MPI) used as a locator service to find a patients file, a database registration system (like a library's reference system)
Demographic Data a patients basic individual details (name, address, phone number, birthdate, etc)
Accreditation Organizations Join Commission, have standards that healthcare organizations must meet to become an accredited organization
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