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Ch1 Impact of Jesus

Means “anointed one”; the name given to Jesus as priest, prophet, and king Christ
Aramaic for father Abba
the title for Jesus that indicates his unique relationship to God the Father Son of God
Jesus, the Son of God, who became human to forgive our sins and to restore our friendship with God. Savior
mystery of the existence of God in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Trinity
Hebrew word for “anointed one Messiah
never-ending life after death with God, granted to those who die as God’s friends, with the grace of God alive in them Eternal Life
God becoming human Incarnation
Son of God as a human being; the Savior Jesus
the suffering, death, Resurrection and ascension of Jesus Paschal Mystery
Hebrew name from Old Testament that means “God with us.” In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus is called by this name. Emmanuel
How long ago did Jesus live? 2000 years
Where did Jesus live? Palestine
What was Jesus' nationality? Jewish
What was Jesus' occupation? carpenter or craftsman
What did Jesus do the last three years of his life? traveling preacher
What did he teach about? kingdom of God and laws of love
Who did he associate with? Outcasts
Who executed Jesus? Romans
Two special gifts that make us images of God and different from the rest of creation? intellect and free will
The key to knowing yourself and becoming the best person you can is to know… Jesus
Name a power we have as images of God. Choose, think, judge, love, take care of the rest of creation
Name something we have no control over. heredity, environment
Name something we have control over. friends, entertainment, reading material, reactions, attitudes, habits
Name two ways you are growing and explain. Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally, Socially, Culturally
Describe God's love for us. Free,Everlasting, Unconditional, We can never be worthy of it, We can never earn it
Name signs of Jesus' influence in the world today. devote lives to Him, people die for Him, Catholic Church over 2000 years old, Good News affects relationships with friends, family, people we will never meet,Churches, schools, miracles, people of prayer, good works, missionaries, end to slavery
Why is studying about Jesus the best way to know God? Jesus is the perfect Revelation of God
Three ways God reveals Himself to us? Creation Scripture Good deeds of others
Why did God the Son become man? In obedience to the Father To save us
What did Jesus save us from? Sin and death
When did Jesus come to be? When God the Son became one of us
What are some human things he did? slept, ate, obeyed parents, prayed, worked, got angry
When do we proclaim the Mystery of Faith? At Mass during Eucharistic celebration
What words do we use to proclaim this mystery after the consecration? When we eat this Bread and drink this Cup, we proclaim your Death, O Lord, until You come again.
Who is Jesus for You? Personal Savior Gives us our Identity- child of God Gives us a Destiny – eternal happiness
In what ways is Jesus our Savior? He tells us who we are Guide for a successful life He died for us He is always ready to save us again
Each letter of the word fish ( ichthus) begins a word in what phrase? Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”
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