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Record Documentation Terms

Certification when an accredited organization addresses a company or employee in an effort to make sure they are following certain standards and qualifications
Corporate Negligence an organization takes responsibility for causing harm to a patient that could have been prevented. understanding the company can be held responsible for mistakes made in the facility.
Loss Reduction minimizing the risks with current issues already in a facility, maintaining a good reputation by handling current risks properly.
Subpoena a court issued paper that requires an organization member to attend court or to bring certain documents to court.
Sentinel Event a severe unforeseen case in a hospital that requires strict documentation and prompt attention
Diagnostic a symptom or tool that can help determine a problem
Risk Management addressing potential hazards in your place of work and coming up with action plans to prevent unwanted situations.
Face Sheet the front page of a health record similar to a cover sheet. it gives basic information about the patient that can be found easily.
Transcriptionists a health care profession where you revise medical documents and act somewhat as a translator by understanding the medical terminology used and inputting the information correctly.
Clinical Data the information taken that actually applies to the reasoning behind a doctors visit; the medical information in a patient record.
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