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Unit 1

Introduction to Global History and Geography

Primary Source a firsthand record of the event by a person who actually experienced the event
Secondary Source a secondhand record created by a person who did NOT actually experience the event
Historians people who study written records of past events
Economists people who study how societies use available resources
Political Scientist people who study governments and elections
Archeologists people that study artifacts to learn about different cultures
Geographers people who study the Earth's surface and its impact on humans
Political map A map used to show boundaries between different nations, states, cities, etc.
Physical map A map that shows the geographic features (mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.)
Democracy Type of government in which the people have the power
Dictatorship Type of government in which one person has absolute control and makes all of the decisions
Monarchy Type of government in which one person rules as King or Queen
Oligarchy Type of government in which a few people rule
Traditional Economy Type of economy in which people trade goods and services with each other (no money)
Market Economy/Capitalism Type of economy in which economic decisions are made by individuals based on supply and demand
Cultural Diffusion Civilizations interact, trade and share ideas and beliefs with each other
Cultural Diversity Civilizations live near each other but do not share ideas/beliefs
Social Hierarchy A system in which people are divided by social classes (a few people have a lot of wealth and power; the majority of people have little wealth or power)
Republic A type of government in which people elect their leaders to represent them
Natural Resources Something found in nature that is valuable to humans (ex. water, minerals, timber, etc.)
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