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World History

"African Kingdoms and Trade States" Topic 3

Sahara Largest desert in the world, covering almost all of North Africa
Savanna Grassy plain with irregular patterns of rainfall
Desertification Process by which fertile or semidesert land becomes dessert
Bantu Root language of West Africa on which some early African migration patterns are based
Nubia Ancient kingdom in northeastern Africa that developed along the Nile river
Meroe Capital of the ancient kingdom of Nubia
Surplus An amount that is more than needed, excess
Commodity Valuable product
Ghana Early West African trading kingdom located in parts of present-day Mauritania and Mali
Sundiata Keita Early African leader of Mali
Mali Medieval West African trading empire that developed after the decline of Ghana
Mansa Musa African leader of Mali who was known for his riches and his conversion to Islam
Axum Trading center, and powerful kingdom located in northern present day Ethiopia
Ethiopia Ancient Greek term for Axumite kingdom; present day country in East Africa
Swahili Bantu-based language, blending Arabic words that originated on the East coast of Africa
Nuclear family Family unit consisting of parents and children
Patrilineal Term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the father
Matrilineal Term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the father
Lineage Group claiming a common ancestor
Cateract Waterfall
Created by: Mr. Peirce