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W His religions

Followers of Buddhism can be found living in these countries. Sri Lanka, East and Southeast Asia, Japan, India, and Tibet
What are the Buddha's teaching called Dharma
What is the symbol associated with Buddhism? The wheel
Buddhists believe all living beings, can improve and be reborn as_____. humans
Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.
Oldest religion Buddhism
Founder of Buddhism Guatama the Buddha
In the Hindu religion, to reach mokshu means--- Reaching liberation from your earthly vessel
Nervana (in Buddhism) a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. It represents the final goal of Buddhism.
What is the name of the God in the religion of Islam? Allah
In the Christian religion who leads daily church services? Priests
Buddhists follow the teachings of this person. Siddharta Gautama
This religion follows the five pillars as a way of life. Islam
This religion has a very strict kosher diet. Judaism
Name of the Hindu God. Shiva
Name of Christian Holy Book that contains old and new testament Bible
Considered world's most practiced religion. Christianity
Name of Islam Holy Book Qur'an
Vishnu Name of Hindu god
Why do clergy of Buddhist religion carry begging bowls? To symbolize there humility & free themselves of their earthly desires
Members of the faith of Judaism claim to be this mans descendants. Abraham
What is the name of the most revered spirit in the Hindu faith? Brahma
Name of small round cap worn by Jewish men. Yarmulke
Where do people of the Islam faith worship? Ka'aba
Name of sacred river where Hindu's throw ashes and bathe away their sins. Ganges
Name of Jewish holy book that contains only the old testament Torah
Name of the Christian God. Yahweh
In the Christian faith, who is the father of Jesus? God
This religion does not have a holy book. Hinduism
Buddhism practices the four noble ______. Truths
Symbol of the Christian faith. Cross
What is the Talmud? The Jewish guide book
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