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World History

Chapter 2

silt rich soil.
cataract high waterfall, rapids.
delta triangle-shaped area.
dynasty ruling family.
pharaoh ruler.
vizier chief minister.
mummification preservation of dead body.
hieroglyphics Egyptian picture writing
ideogram pictures that symbolized idea or action.
demotic Egyptian language 'of the people'
papyrus reed along Nile used as paper
decipher decode
monotheistic belief in one god..
covenant a binding agreement
patriarchal father is head of family
Sabbath holy day for rest and worship
prophet spiritual leader
ethics moral standards
diaspora scattering of people
codify to arrange ans set down laws in writing.
criminal law robbery, assault, murder
civil law property inheritance, taxes, marriage, divorce.
tolerance victor 'acceptance' of vanquished
satrap a governor in Persian empire.
barter economy exchange good for another good.
money economy exchange money for a good.
colony territory settled and ruled by foreign people.
alphabet letter that represent spoken sounds.
hierarchy social classes: upper, middle, lower
ziggurat trapezoidal temple
cuneiform wedged-shaped writing on clay tablets.
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