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U2-4 Bench Review

SSWH 1, -5, 12 Early and Classical Civs, and Muslim World

What was Hammurabi's Code? a collection of laws for the Babylonian Empire
What is the belief in one god? monotheism
What is a system of phonetic symbols? alphabet
What was the Sumerian system of writing? cuneiform
What was a common belief of Hinduism and Buddhism? reincarnation
What is a government based on religious rule? theocracy
What geographic features were barriers to the Indian subcontinent? mountains and deserts
Which Indian empire experienced a golden age with advances in math, science, literature and art? Gupta Empire
Whose philosophy emphasized right relationships and respect for elders? Confucianism
These trade routes provided other lands contact with China Silk Roads
In which form of government do citizens select their leaders? republic
On which continents did parts of Alexander the Great's empire exist? Europe, Africa, Asia
These tablets were used to publish Roman laws Twelve Tables
This collection preserved Roman law and was used to bring order to the Byzantine Empire Justinian's Code
Engineering, Law, Latin language, and Architecture Achievements of the Roman Empire
Why was Christianity popular during the Roman Empire? Offered hope of eternal life, welcomed all, easily spread over Roman roads
Preserved the cultural heritage of Greece and Rome Byzantine empire
Largest unified land empire in world history Mongol empire
Founder of Islam, considered by Muslims to be the last and greatest of the Prophets Muhammad
Extensive network around and across the Arabian Peninsula and onto three surrounding continents Arab trade network
Two opposing groups that formed over the issue of Muhammad's succesor Sunnis and Shi'as
Methods of cultural blending utilized within the Ottoman Empire trade, migration, and conquest
This Asian Muslim empire had the highest population Mughal Empire
Seen as a prophet, teacher or messiah Differing views of the identity of Jesus among the monotheistic religions
holy book of Islam Qur'an
One who submits to the will of Allah, a follower of the Islamic faith Muslim
a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christian
This Asian Muslim empire was centered in what was previously the Persian empire Safavid Empire
These Turks conquered Constantinoplre, renamed it Istanbul and established it as the capital of their Islamic empire Ottomans
Known as the Lawgiver in the West and the Magnificent in the East, he was a great sultan of the Ottoman Empire Suleyman
Muslim house of worship mosque
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