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Medical Language

prefixcombining form
hyper- excessive
-emia a blood condition
hypo- below or defiency
derm/o the skin
supra- above
ren/o a kidney
epi- above
gastr/o the stomach
later/o side
foc/o foci
pleg/o paralysis
nat/i birth
prandi/o meals
peri- around
oste/o a bone
itis inflammation
-ion the process of
ex- out
chole- gall
cyst/o bladder
-ectomy surgical removal
esthesi/o feeling or nervous sensation
-logy the study of
phas/o speech
-ic a condition of
dys- difficult or painful
phag/o swallowing
-ia condition of
-penia a difficiency
inter- between
intra- within
retro- behind
brady- slow
anti- against
contra- against
cept/o conception
-ion the process of
electro- the electrical activity
-gram a record of
-graphy the process of recording
-graph the machine used to record
echo- using sound
men/o mestrual
-rrhea flow
hemi- half(right or left side of the body)
-paresis partial paralysis or weakness
tachy- fast
-pnea breathing
dipl- double
-opia vision
-plasia growth or development
neo- new
-parous live (viable births)
-ist a specialist in
-cide killing
onc/o tumor
-gen creation
acr/o heights
phob/o fear of
lith/o stone(s)
-iasis an abnormal condition of
nephr/o kidney
-y a condition of
metri/o uterus
-osis an abnormal conditionn
-centesis surgical puncture
thorac/o the thorax
-dynia pain
splen/o spleen
-megaly enlargement
cephal/o the head
-algia pain
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