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APWH T and P

APWH Themes and Periods

Theme 1 Interaction between Humans and the Environment
Theme 2 Development and Interaction of Cultures
Theme 3 State Building, Expansion, and Conflict
Theme 4 Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of Economic Systems
Theme 5 Development and Transformation of Social Structures
Demography and Disease Theme 1
Migration Theme 1
Patterns of Settlement Theme 1
Technology Theme 1
Religions Theme 2
Belief Systems, Philosophies and ideologies Theme 2
Science and Technology Theme 2
Arts and Architecture Theme 2
Political Structures and forms of governance Theme 3
Empires Theme 3
Nations and Nationalism Theme 3
Revolts and Revolutions Theme 3
Regional, trans regional and global structures and organizations Theme 3
Agricultural and pastoral production Theme 4
Trade and Commerce Theme 4
Labor Systems Theme 4
Industrialization Theme 4
Capitalism and Socialism Theme 4
Gender Roles and Relations Theme 5
Family and Kinship Theme 5
Racial and Ethnic construction Theme 5
Social and economic classes Theme 5
Period 1 Technological and Environmental Transformations
Period 2 Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies
Period 3 Regional and Transregional Interactions
Period 4 Global Interactions
Period 5 Industrialization and Global Integration
Period 6 Accelerating Global Change and Realignments
Big Geography and the Peopling of the Earth P Period 1
The Neolithic Revolution and Early Agricultural Societies P Period 1
The Development and Interactions of Early Agricultural, Pastoral, and Urban Societies P Period 1
The Development and Codification of Religious and Cultural Traditions P Period 2
The Development of States and Empires P Period 2
Emergence of Transregional Networks of Communication and Exchange P Period 2
Expansion and Intensification of Communication and Exchange Networks P Period 3
Continuity and Innovation of State Forms and their Interactions P Period 3
Increased Economic Productive Capacity and its Consequences P Period 3
Globalizing Networks of Communication and Exchange P Period 4
New Forms of Social Organization and Modes of Production P Period 4
State Consolidation and Imperial Expansion P Period 4
Industrialization and Global Capitalism P Period 5
Imperialism and Nation State Formation P Period 5
Nationalism, Revolution, and Reform P Period 5
Global Migration P Period 5
Science and the Environment P Period 6
Global Conflicts and their Consequences P Period 6
New Conceptualization of Global Economy, Society, and Culture P Period 6
Created by: joshy10002