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PMI 2&3 study guide

PMI Ch 2 & 3 "Study guide"

State and federally funded insurance is called: Medicaid
What is the ranger for room temp? 15-30 degrees Celsius
Doing something that a reasonable person would do or not doing something that a reasonable person would do is: Negligence
Semen is the most frequently analyzed non blood body substance False
The time frame for filing a lawsuit after an alleged injury has occurred is called Statute of limitations
Ensuring the quality of sterility of every needle and lancet is essential for patient safety True
Random access memory (RAM) Can be lost if the computer is turned off
Manufacturers print expiration dates on evacuated tubes for quality assurance? True
What is the generic term for a payment system that administrates cost quality and access to health care Managed care
Semen specimens must be delivered to the laboratory immediately or refrigerated prior to testing? False
Which type of urine specimen is more concentrated and collected immediately after waking in the morning? 8 hour
The patient care partnership also known as patient bill of rights guarantees all of the following EXCEPT: A private room
Discussing a patient's medical prognosis in the cafeteria violates HIPAA? True
Which clinical laboratory personnel is trained to collect blood for diagnosis and care of patients? Phlebotomists
A patient with a requisition for a urine culture should be given instructions to collect Mid stream clean catch
A phlebotomist may be employed in which of the following All of the above
Most everyone in the US becomes a health care consumer in his or her life True
What aspect of specimen collection is considered most important Patient identification
A sweat chloride test is used to diagnose Cystic fibrosis
Communication between health professionals and patients is more complicated than normal situations True
How many divisions of law is there 2
Most laboratories receive specimens and prepare them in the central processing area True
Which non blood body specimen can be analyzed to detect genetic disorders such as down syndrome and determine gestational age Amniotic fluid
Which of the following is proper telephone technique? When a call comes in while on phone with another caller ask to put first call on hold
A complete program that guarantees quality client care by tracking outcomes by scheduled surveys and audits Quality Assurance
This international non profit educational organization develops voluntary guidelines for all areas of the laboratories? CLSI
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