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Intern. Disputes

Abyssinian Crisis and Manchurian Incident

The Dispute in Abyssinia Mussolini got ready to invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia). He wanted war and glory. Abyssinia asked the League to help.
What the League did for Abyssinia The League talked to Mussolini – but he used the time to send an army to Africa. The League suggested a plan to give part of Abyssinia to Italy.
The Outcome for Abyssinia Mussolini invaded Abyssinia. The League banned weapons sales, and put sanctions on rubber and metal. The emperor appealed for help, but in fact Br. and Fr. secretly agreed to give Abyssinia to Italy (the Hoare-Laval Pact). Italy conquered Abyssinia. FAIL
The Dispute in Manchuria Jap. tried to overcome the depression by building up an empire. In 1932, the Jap. army invaded Manchuria and threw out the Chinese. They set up their own government there and called it Manchoukuo. China asked for help.
What the League did for Manchuria The League sent a group of officials led by Lord Lytton to study the problem (this took a year). In February 1933, it ordered Japan to leave Manchuria.
The Outcome for Manchuria Jap. refused. Jap. left the League. Many countries had important trading links with Jap.. LoN could not agree on sanctions or even a ban on weapons sales. Britain and France did not want a war, so nothing was done. The Japanese stayed in Manchuria. FAIL
Emperor Haile Selassie
Created by: azra3.142