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Final Quiz 8/21/14

Medical Terminology Abbreviations and Front Office Terms

Full Block Letter all links begin flush with the margin
Modified Block Letter-Indented style with indented paragraphs
BUN Blood Urea Nitrogen
BC Birth Control
Abd Abdomen
Agenda list of topics to be discussed during a meeting
DS Discharge Summary
Accomplishment Statement give a brief description of what you did & the results
Application/Cover Letter Letter to introduce yourself & your resume
D and V Diarrhea & Vomitting
Proofread to read and verify for accuracy
CXR Chest X-Ray
CC Chief Complaint
Modified Block Standard all lines begin at the left
Interviews meeting with you & the interviewer to discuss employment opportunities
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease
Application Form collect information relative to qualification, education & experience in employment.
Echo echocardiogram
FMP First Menstrual Period
Direct Skills skills that are job specific
UA Urinalysis
Transferred "Transferable" Skills skills that would be used to host of different and unrelated jobs
TB Tuberculosis
References Individuals who have known or worked with a person long enough to make an honest recommendation.
T and A Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy
Functional Resume Format used to highlight specialty areas of accomplishment & strengths
Sed Rate Sedimentation rate
Career Objectives Expresses your career goal & for the position your applying for
E. Coli Escherichia coli
VIS Vaccine Information Statement
URI Upper Respiratory Infection
FBS Fasting Blood Sugar
Chronologic Resume resume format used when you have employment experience
Simplified Letter Salutation & Complimentary Closure
D and C Dilation & Curettage
Portfolio notebook or file containing examples of materials used
C and S Culture & Sensitivity
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Blind Copy Protects the privacy of email
BSL Blood Sugar Level
Minutes Written record of topics discussed & actions taken during meetings
Bil Bilateral
Memorandum Interoffice correspondence
ENT Ears Nose & Throat
Created by: lmoran5641