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Green Module


ankyl/o stiffness, bent, crooked
arthr/o joint
brachi/o arm
cervic/o neck, cervix, uteri
clavicul/o clavicle (collar bone)
cost/o ribs
dactyl/o fingers,toes
faci/o face
femor/o femur (thigh bone)
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
kyph/o humpback
lamin/o lamina
lord/o curve, swayback
metacarp/o metacarpus
muscul/o my/o myos/o muscle
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
orth/o straight
oste/o bone
patell/o patella (knee cap)
ped/i ped/o foot; child
pelv/I pelv/o pelvis
pod/o foot
rachi/o spine
radi/o radiation, x-ray, radius
rhabd/o rod-shaped
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped muscle
sacr/o sacrum
spondyl/o vertebrae (back bone)
ten/o tend/o tendin/o tendon
thorac/o chest
tibi/o tibia (larger lower leg bone - shin)
-ad toward
-al -ar -eal -ic pertaining to
-algia -dynia pain
-asthenia weakness, debility
-blast embryonic cell
-clasia -clasis -clast to break, surgical fracture
-cyte cell
-desis binding, fixation
-ectomy excision, removal
-graph instrument for recording
-iatry medicine, treatment
-ia -ism condition
-itis inflammation
-kinesia movement
-logist specialist in the study of
-malacia softening
-oid resembling
-oma tumor
-osis abnormal condition
-pexy fixation
-physis growth
-plasty surgical repair
-ptosis prolapse
-sarcoma malignant tumor of connective tissue
-scopy visual examination
-spasm involuntary contraction, twitching
-tomy incision
-trophy development, nourishment
-um structure, thing
a-, an- not, without
brachy- short
cine- movement
dys- bad, painful, difficult
inter- between
mega- enlargement
meta- change, beyond
quadri- four
sub- under, below
supra- above, excessive, superior
sym- syn- union, joined together
ACL anterior cruciate ligament
BE below the elbow
BK below the knee
C1, C2, ... first cervical vertebrae, second...
Ca calcium, cancer
CDH congenital dislocation of the hip
CO coccygeal nerves
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
CT computed tomography
DEXA, DXA dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
DJD degenerative joint disease
DO Doctor of Osteopathy
EMG electromyography
Fx fracture
HD hip disarticulation
HNP herniated nucleus pulposus (herniated disk)
HP hemipelvectomy
IM intramuscular
IS intracostal space
IV intervenous
L1, L2, ... lumbar vertebrae
LS lumbosacral spine
MG myasthenia gravis
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MS musculoskelectal, multiple sclerosis
NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
ORTH, ortho orthopedics
P phosphorous
PCL posterior cruciate ligament
RA rheumatoid arthritis
RF rheumatoid factor
ROM range of motion
S1, S2, ... first sacral vertebrae, second...
SD shoulder disarticulation
T1, T2, ... first thoracic vertebrae, second...
THA total hip arthroplasty
THR total hip replacement
TKA total knee arthroplasty
TKR total knee replacement
TRAM transverse rectus abdominis muscle (flap)
Created by: Barbara Ross